MRAs, like the makers of Kleenex, have lost control of their brand name.

Just as the word “Kleenex,” a brand name designating the product of one manufacturer, has become, in popular usage, a generic term for disposable snot-rags, so “MRA” has, in popular usage, become a catchall term used to designate any and all varieties of woman-hating nitwits who think “misandry” is a bigger problem than misogyny.

So why have Manospherians, Pickup Artists, Incels, MGTOWs, GamerGaters, “slut haters,” Dark Enlightenment “thinkers,” and assorted other types of woman-hating nitwits all found themselves labelled MRAs, much to the chagrin of some self-declared MRAs?

Well, dudes, it’s actually pretty simple: because no one but you […] can tell the difference between any of these groups of people. Because 90% of the backwards beliefs you espouse are exactly the same.

–David Futrelle on branding.

This is in response to MRAs getting huffy that the supposedly “MRA backlash” against Mad Max: Fury Road came from some garden variety anti-feminist and not, in fact, an “actual MRA”.

To which all reasonable people reply: who gives a fuck?