So I ordered my Baby’s First Internet Custom dice set the other day, from Cosy Gamer, and holy shit they came fast!

I got four sets:

  • Amethyst Scepter: Super cool, probably my fav in the bunch. The foil and glitter is Peak Bling.
  • Enchantress Pearl: Basically clear resin with tiny pink beads inside. Very unique, and kind of almost… unsettlingly organic on first glance.
  • Fuschia: Mostly clear resin with “smoke” wisps of purple and orange. Like a sunset in your hand!
  • Lavender Galaxy: The only set I was a bit disappointed with. The colors are sort of… banded across the dice and the end result is a sort of muddied purple, unless the light happens to hit them just right. Still pretty, but a bit “meh” compared to the other three.

Overall, the dice are a bit lighter than I was expecting, but nothing like the flimsy feel of, say, Q Workshop dice (and it’s possible I just like my dice on the heavier side anyway). But all-in-all… yeah. Very happy. The worst part will be waiting a week until I can try and grab a game in order to use them!