In the meantime, if you ever find you do need feminism, give us a call. If you ever get tired of working harder and longer hours for lower pay or for no pay, we’ll be here. If, as you get older and things begin to sag, you find yourself becoming invisible, almost as if you were only valuable as long as you were young and hot, we’ll be here to remind you of your worth. If you are ever raped, or beaten by your partner, and you suddenly realise how monstrous it is to be told to ‘take responsibility’ for violence that has been done to you, to be told that you asked for it, to be intimidated into silent smiles so you don’t upset the boys, we’ll be here. Whether you need a refuge to go to with your kids or a tumblr full of gifs to remind you you’re not alone, we’ll be here. If you need an abortion, or access to contraception, we’ll be here fighting for your right to the treatment you need and deserve, because we believe that you are a human being who ought to be able to decide what happens to her own body. We’ll be here, because that’s what we do. You don’t feel like you need feminism right now, but I do, and so do billions of women around the world, and I hope you respect that, just as I respect your right to broadcast your bewilderment all over the internet. There’s a place at our table for you whenever you’re ready.

–Laurie Penny in an open letter to anti-feminist women.

When I was about fourteen or so, a friend of mine announced to me that she thought feminism was “stupid” because “we don’t need it any more”. I kinda idolised/crushed on that girl a bit, so I decided that I too thought feminism was “stupid”.

I announced this to my parents that night over dinner. They very promptly disabused me of the notion. Thanks, parents.