Here’s a nice FUD-y article from William Petrocelli on the HuffPo about the trend towards data mining ebooks. I think I’ve mentioned before that, on the business side–particularly from the point of view of the publisher, but also for savvy authors–the idea of getting a more granular understanding of reader habits is a very attractive one.

Not that Petrocelli would agree. Instead, he makes an argument that–putting aside the issue of royalties and data access for a moment–essentially boils down to “lawlz maths is hard gaiz” laced with “you kids these days and your Amazons and your Nookbooks! /shakes cane” and “well subscribers aren’t True Readers™ anyway!”.

And, really, what it comes down to is this:

Good writers know that this is nonsense. They don’t need to monitor a reader’s viewing habits to tell them what to write. They develop their own vision and their own style, and they know that the most important thing they have to offer is their authenticity.

Or, written another way: “How dare you try to use (gasp!) analytics on my artistic vision!”

And to think authors accuse publishers of being resistant to change…