Former president Bill Clinton has contributed to a cyberthriller The President is Missing, the plot of which is that the president stops a cybervirus from destroying the country. This is scary, because people in Washington D.C. are going to read this book, believe the hacking portrayed has some basis in reality, and base policy on it.

Robert Graham on bad policy.

A good chunk of my day job is trying to communicate to non-INFOSEC people how various different INFOSEC threats, a) actually operate, and b) what actually works against them. It is, I would have to say, not an easy job. And it’s a not-easy job made all the more not-easy by the fact that pop culture depictions of hacking, viruses, and so on are all just so bad

(Also: Bill Clinton co-wrote a Jame Patterson-branded extruded fiction product. What a world we live in.)