Because everything arises from steps, not leaps, most things are invented in several places simultaneously when different people walk the same path, each unaware of the others. For example, four different people discovered sunspots independently in 1611; five people invented the steamboat between 1802 and 1807; six people conceived of the electric railroad between 1835 and 1850; and two people invented the silicon chip in 1957. When political scientists William Ogburn and Dorothy Thomas studied this phenomenon, they found 148 cases of big ideas coming to many people at the same time and concluded that their list would grow longer with more research.

Having ideas is not the same thing as being creative. Creation is execution, not inspiration. Many people have ideas; few take the steps to make the thing they imagine.

–Kevin Ashton onย creativity.

This is from an article/book promo piece on why brainstorming is bullshit. To which I feel obliged to add that, yes. I fucking hate brainstorming. I remember we first got introduced to the idea in primary school, and I hated it then and I still hate it now when we do professional development courses at work.

I’m not convinced any brainstorming session every produced a worthwhile idea the individual who suggested it couldn’t’ve come up with on their own, or in one-on-one discussions. Down with brainstorming! Bah!