If you and I are discussing something, and you say something that sounds racist/sexist/homophobic/classist/ableist (or otherwise marginalising towards certain groups of people), and I say to you “Wow, that’s a pretty bigoted word” please don’t think that you have offended me and that I just need to grow a thicker skin and not get offended so easily, and why do people look for stuff to go around getting offended about etc etc. (Oh no, the PC brigade is running wild!)

I’m not offended by those words. I’m contemptuous of those words, and I’m letting you know that using them just made me think less of you.

tigtog on offense.

An old post but, I think, a spot-on and very clear way of articulating this issue, and I also think it completely nails where the whole “don’t be so offended” whine actually comes from (i.e. fear of social exclusion/ridicule)…