Because of Reasons, some definitions:

  • Consumptive fandom, is primarily concerned with having “the most” of something. For example, “the most comics books”, “the most Lord of the Rings trivia”, “the most Supernatural convention attendances.” Often associated with “male” or “mainstream” fandom, i.e. the sort of fandom multinational mega-corporations find profitable.
  • Creative fandom, also known as transformative fandom. Primarily interested in taking existing fandom canon and making it into something Other. The domain of fanfic and meta, but also fanvids and, in some contexts, fanart. Traditionally coded “female” and/or “queer” or otherwise subversive. Frequently in conflict with consumptive fandom, over what counts as a “real fan” in the context of that fandom.
  • Curative fandom, often conflated with consumptive fandom but distinctly different. Curative fans are the tastemakers and “influences” of fandom works within fandom itself. Known for having “the best” of something. For example, “the best Venom MPREG recs”, “the best fandom meta”, “the best Rose Quartz fusion fanart reblogs”. Frequently in conflict with creative fandom, almost always over access and archiving.

More Thoughts On This Issue withheld, but… for the moment? This.