So this morning I ran my car into a wall in the carpark, got covered in dirt by a man blowing leaves, and then nearly got run down when I misjudged the traffic lights.

“What a terrible morning, Alis!” you say. To which I reply, No! It is a great morning! A fantastic morning! And why? Because today is my last day in the office for like a month. Woohoo!

Except my month off is not a holiday, at least not for the first couple of weeks. Because yes, that’s right, it’s con season, so it’s time to put in some appearances. Which is a thing I do now. I know, right?

Anyway. First con off the rank in our local, Conflux, wherein I will be panelling. So if you want to heckle,1 I can be found opining on:

  • Using grammar wot’s bad konstruktivlee, Sunday 4th October @ 1:30pm
  • Messing with mythology, Sunday 4th October @ 4:30pm
  • Food in fiction, Monday 5th October @ 10:00am
  • Real Vampires, Monday 5th October @ 3:30pm

You can also find me shilling other people’s books on behalf of the CSFG in the dealer’s room Saturday 3rd from 11am, so feel free to drop by and say hi. And also buy some books from our rad local authors, because the only thing more awesome than buying books is buying books from locals. True story.

See you there!

  1. Note: Don’t heckle. The other panellists don’t deserve it. []