So… I got some shitty news yesterday; the final reader for my YA dragon shapeshifter novel passed. Which, for those of you not in “the industry”, means that the book has now been formally rejected by every major Big 5 publisher.1

Great. Just… great.

This is the third completed novel in a row for me that’s bounced off commercial sale, and 2019 makes four years2 since I actually had a publishing contract.

The consistent feedback from editors on Dragon, incidentally, was that they loved the writing/”voice”, but couldn’t identify with the characters. This is the feedback I get on pretty much everything (“We love the way you write, we just hate what you’re writing about.”) which is either like the generic industry “thanks but no thanks”, or something I’m personally especially cursed with. Either way… frustrating. And depressing.

Point being, Dragon is basically DoA as a commercial book. I have some other options for it but, honestly, the though of pursuing them just makes me tired. So fucking tired. So… whatever. In the spirit of the season, i.e. Marie Kondo Discourse Month, I’ve decided trying to sell Dragon no longer, as they say, “sparks joy”. And in the spirit of “what the hell, at least someone else may get something out of this”,3 I’ve decided that, over the next few weeks, I’ll be throwing the novel up online.4 On Wattpad because… it seemed easiest? So sure, let’s go with that.

Anyway, the first chapter is up, so… go check that out? Sweet.

And, uh. In the meantime… here’s a pic of the main character, Elias, I did like three years ago5 and will totally one day finish I swear.

Young African American man with red headphones around his neck. Illustration.

Elias Drake.

  1. Not, uh. That the editor died. “Passed” is the Official Publishing Industry term for “rejected” and, quite honestly, I hate the euphemism for a variety of reasons I will happily rant about to you at a convention bar sometime. []
  2. … Jesus. []
  3. If nothing else, it’s a look at the sort of thing Big 5 editors are rejecting. []
  4. Vomit metaphor intentional. []
  5. Again: Jesus. []