I have met so many amazing people in this community.  So many of us are drawn to speculative fiction because we feel like outsiders.  And yet, in this strange place—sometimes virtual, sometimes real—we find a kind of family, people who are like us.  There are people who deal with chronic illness and disability, people who fight for feminist issues, people who believe that this world can be more than what others have made it.  People who welcome, people who look beyond physical ability.

I discovered, years down the track, that there were people I worked with in science who doubted that my illness was real.  In the speculative fiction community, no one has ever doubted me.  No one has ever thought I was being lazy when I needed to sit down, or looked askance at the times I’ve needed to use a cane.  No one takes offense if I need to leave early, or if I can’t go to something because I’m not doing well.

–Stephanie Gunn on acceptance.