A kickstarter for a cute little game intended to try and make programming accessible to kids. It draws inspiration from sources like Harry Potter, Pokèmon, and Final Fantasy Tactics to present code-flow in an intuitive and language-neutral way. For those of you who’ve never learnt to code (you lucky things), this is the hardest concept to pick up. Getting over this learning mountain in one language–any language, even an abstracted one like Codemancer‘s–will basically set you up to learn any other language out there. Syntax is easy. Concepts are hard. Which is the first reason I like this project.

The second? It has a strong focus on representation and diversity; no white-boy heroes chasing damsels here.

There’s fifteen days to go on the Kickstarter and, in my opinion, Codemancer is definitely worth any dollars you happen to have spare. (Or a signal-boost. Those help too!)