In the past, laws that would take from the poor and working class while giving to the rich came with excuses. Tax cuts, their sponsors declared, would unleash market dynamism and make everyone more prosperous. Deregulation would increase efficiency and lower prices. It was all voodoo; the promises never came true. But at least there was some pretense of working for the common good.

Now we have none of this.

Paul Krugman on the GOP.

Translation: The GOP is so confident that their alienated and indoctrinated voter base will continue to vote for them no matter what they do, that they’ll do anything. And by “anything” I mean “literally murder the least fortunate to get a few extra dollars in their already bloated bank accounts”.

It’s very difficult to see any of this ending peacefully.

And, incidentally, while Krugman is a US analyst talking about US politics, the same trends are coming for the rest of us, too…