As explained by the career of David Bowie.

On a slightly related note, one of my new colleagues is a loud-and-proud libertarian. I’ve never actually met a Really Real World libertarian before, and the experience is… interesting. Especially because a lot of our family friends either, a) have MBAs, and/or b) work or have worked in the finance industry. So it’s not like I’d consider myself a big expert on the inner workings of finance and economics, but I do know enough to follow a dinner conversation. Mr. Libertarian… does not. He can certainly quote libertarian talking points when he needs to (apparently Hong Kong is the “best city in the world” because it’s “easiest to open a business in”), but as far as the actual function of the real world,1 he really does have an awful lot of very basic gaps for someone who likes to talk about the joys of deregulated capitalism.

Go figure, I guess.

  1. He also seems to believe that any kind of significant market-based society can exist in a situation wherein the government doesn’t control the exclusive use of force in a society (yes, he believes in privatising the military). I’m kinda of like, “Um. Dude. We’ve tried that before and it’s called How About I Kill You And Just Take Your Stuff.” We don’t do that one anymore for a reason, hey. []