I get bad sciatica, which means sitting down for me for extended periods can be extremely… not fun. Which is obviously great when I work two jobs that require 100% sitting.

For a little while, I went through a standing desk phase, thanks to a bunch of Dell boxes I co-opted from various places around the office. I found the transition to standing to be pretty easy; I could work fine and never had to fight an urge to sit. Also: no nerve pain. So yay!

Downsides? It fucked up my knees and hips.1

Anyway, the point is that I found this article about why standing doesn’t work to be pretty interesting.

Interesting, but also frustrating, in that it’s from the “just sit less, duh!” school of “advice”, which I’m sure is lovely if you’re some kind of, IDK, idle trust fund kid or some other person who doesn’t have to pull long hours at a desk job.

  1. Yeah. I’m a mess. []