You know how occasionally you read something and you think, “Man. I bet that was written by a white dude!” Well, say hello to this article on Vox about partisan thinking. It’s basically saying–and citing research that’s saying–people who are particularly politically partisan are generally uninterested in understanding the viewpoints of whomever they see as “the other side”, and that this is “ruining politics”.

While I agree there’s some merit to this–basing political opinions on facts you yourself have discovered is always a good idea–I think it severely underplays the fact that it’s not both sides of politics who equally play the dehumanization game. Are members of the QUILTBAG community uninterested in knowing the exact reason conservatives think they’re Satan-possessed monsters? Are women uninterested in hearing a point-by-point breakdown on why people want them to talk less and breed more? Are people of color uninterested in reading pseudo-scientific dissertations on why people consider them to be subhuman? I’m gonna guess yes. Yes, they probably are. And I would certainly not blame anyone for preferring to get a tooth pulled than to endure that level of dehumanization. Because, like, I’ve had teeth pulled, and while the experience wasn’t great, it was at least medically beneficial and performed with diligent care by a professional. I’d much rather sit through that than Racist Relative Revival Hour any day.

Because, let’s be real. This kind of intellectually lazy “both sides are as bad as each other!” centrism? If you wanna talk about what’s “ruining politics”, I’d suggest starting with that right there.