What happens when you discover that not only is your dad a right wing conspiracy theorist, but that he quite possibly believes you’re personally involved in eating babies?

Why babies in particular, you might ask? Antisemitism, basically. Whenever you hear anyone getting paranoid about baby eating, it’s almost always rooted in a piece of age-old antisemitism known as blood libel, where Jewish people are accused of eating Christian babies and/or using their blood in religious rituals. Needless to say, there are plenty of recorded incidents of mobs getting together to brutally murder Jewish people on this pretext, and no evidence whatsoever of Jewish people actually eating babies as a matter of (a-har) course, if for no other reason than human meat and blood are not generally considered to be kosher.

Basically it means that, nowadays, hysteria over eating babies is a great indicator that your political movement/conspiracy theory/piece of popular media is hiding a bunch of Nazis behind its metaphorical curtains. So, yanno. Watch out for that.