[F]or those of you who think the tragic queer narrative du jour is original and ground-breaking, it isn’t. It may be well-written, but you’ve basically heard of it and are reading it because a big publisher gave it a huge push. A publicity push that I’ve not seen given to any equivalent queer books by queer-identified authors, or even to nontragic queer narratives by straight authors within recent memory, I might add. And that has to stop. If we want to see consistent good stories that reflect a wide range of queer experience, we have to push for them, read them, write them, promote them, watch them and recommend the ones we like.

Catherine Lundoff on the tragedy of the day.

True story, the three narratives I will never find interesting in fiction are:

  1. rape, rape everywhere!
  2. damsels in distress, particularly when afflicted by Trinity Syndrome
  3. tragic queers.