What we hear from companies like T— and F— and Y— is that monitoring communication at this scale, preventing that harm, is an unprecedented technical challenge.

That’s correct. However… no one asked for communication at this scale!

To be clear, it’s a challenge these companies designed for themselves; a challenge they enlarged through relentless, ingenious growth; a challenge they now invoke as if it’s some longstanding problem in fundamental physics.

Like heating a pot to a boil, then complaining the water’s too hot to drink 🤔

“What do we do about this scalding hot substance??” the operators of social media platforms exclaim… as the burners roar on their highest setting.

Here’s a simple solution:

Cool it down.

Robin Sloan on breakers.

My favorite part about this thread is that everyone who encounters it immediately seems to want to try and sign up for the service it’s “hosted” on…1

(Also: I take great objection to the “weird crow“… which is very obviously an Australian Raven and the most common type of corvid where I live!)

  1. Spoiler alert: it’s a static website. The essay is basically a found-object narrative made to look like a social media thread. []