Blizzard: “our goal is a vibrant and inclusive community”.

/Blizzard: “our goal is a vibrant and inclusive community”.

I know I give Blizzard shit but, fair’s fair, mad props for doing this.

Summary edition: a few months back, the IESF–which is like the FIFA of e-sports–was getting some flack for its policies of splitting tournaments (unequally!) into men’s and women’s divisions. The essentially spurious argument for this was that “the Olympics does it” and if, a) sex-segregation in sport is uncontroversial in-and-of-itself, and b) average differences in biology have shit to do with how fast you can click a mouse.1

Blizzard, owner of Big Name e-sports titles Hearthstone and StarCraft, basically came down and said, “if you do this, we won’t allow you to licence our games for play”. The IESF backed down pretty quickly after that.

GG, Blizzard.

  1. And, given one of the games in contention was Hearthstone^
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