This Rolling Stone expose on the meat industry is absolutely heartbreaking, and I didn’t even watch the videos because the text alone was making me bawl in the middle of the office. [Trigger warning for descriptions of animal abuse at the link, including a short, partially-obscured autoplay video.]

There are, however, a few things it doesn’t mention.

The first is that it doesn’t deal with food as a class issue, which it absolutely is. I’m lucky in that I both live in a country with tighter food safety laws than the States (I can eat raw eggs from the supermarket to my heart’s content, for example), and I’m socially privileged enough to “conscience buy” things like free-range chicken and grass-fed beef (which I do). Not everyone out there is so fortunate; that Black single mom with three kids and as many jobs, struggling to make ends meet in the middle of a food desert? Yeah. I don’t exactly think the onus for ethical farming practices should be put onto her shoulders.

The second thing the article doesn’t mention is that factory farming is one of the biggest reasons we now live in a post-antibiotic age. All those pigs and chickens and cows being pumped full of drugs to survive spending all day gasping in their own shit? They’re already having their revenge, and their revenge has names like “antibiotic-resistant TB”. Even if you give exactly zero shits about animal welfare, I assume you care about not dying from the flu, meaning you should care about this.

The food supply is everybody’s problem. Fuck it up, and we’re dead.