Interesting look at possible “tests beyond Bechdel”, as proposed by women in the entertainment industry.

Some of these I think are useful, some… er, well. I’m just saying “failing” a film where a female character acts as “a plot problem for a male protagonist [and/or hero]” would seem to, for example, preclude having meaningful female characters, of both the pro- and antagonist variety, in… pretty much any film in which men also appear. It would nix, for example, Mad Max: Fury Road (Furiosa and co. cause problems for Max, Nux, and Immortan Joe), pretty much any Star Wars film (Leia causes problems for Luke and Darth Vader; Rey causes problems for Finn; Jyn causes problems for Cassian; Leia and Holdo cause problems for Poe; Rey causes problems for Kylo; Rose causes problems for Finn… yikes, so many), and Wonder Woman (Diana causes problems for Steve and Ares). Which, like. While you can have plenty or legitimate criticism of Fury Road or Wonder Woman or, like, The Last Jedi, “they had bad female characters!” usually, like. Isn’t one of them.

Still. A good list with some important ideas.