The focus many students placed on the “majority” of the group not taking part in racist and sexist abuse misses the bigger issue. In pointing out that the group has facilitated and helped provide a space to co-ordinate a sustained (and growing) chorus of harassment, the argument isn’t that every single member within it is a terrible person or a racist. The question is more about whether there is something within the group’s culture, or the way certain speech is promoted and policed, that encourages a particular kind of aggressive behaviour.

Osman Faruqi on toxic culture.

[Content warning at the link, as the broader piece deals with harassment and Faruqi replicates some of the racist and sexist abuse directed at poet Ellen van Neerven.]

From a broader piece looking into the Mango Incident, where a young Indigenous author was viciously harassed by high school students after they were too braindead to understand one of her poems, that happened to be included in their end-of-school exams.

Why does it seem like “it’s only the internet!” is the new “boys will be boys”… and just as toxic and bullshit?

(Also: What the fuck is up with Kids These Days not understanding how fucking privacy controls work? Dudes. Your Facebook page is public. That means it’s fucking public! That means you don’t get to go crying about it when journalists start capping and publishing portions on it to call you on your bullshit. Yeesh.)