Autonomy and gaze.

/Autonomy and gaze.

[D]espite the increasing volume of shirtless dudes flexing and/or smoldering vulnerably in front of the camera, it’s important to note that most of those guys up there are the leading man. (…Team Jacob!) Hotness is an element of what’s going on there, to be sure, but these characters are active. They make decisions, they have an internal life, and in general they’re going about their business with an incidental helping of sexy on the side. Sexy is not the whole meal.

But Transformers isn’t about Megan Fox. The James Bond films aren’t about any of the Bond Girls (and note that there’s no male equivalent of a Bond girl.) You play Halo as Master Chief, not as Cortana. The problem isn’t with sexy women. The problem is when sexy = women, and that’s the whole equation so far as female characters go.

–Andrea Phillips knows not all Gazes are equal.

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