Australia is a nation that prides itself on being laidback and down to earth. The idea of everyone having a “fair go” is something most Aussies claim to value. So when marginalised people speak out against oppressive forces, I guess this image of fairness is threatened and people simply don’t want to face it.

Speaking out, or “having a whinge” as many here like to call it, is also at odds with the great Australian tradition of not “giving a shit” about anything except sport. If you get too serious with people, they just tune out and see your passion as tedious, offensive even.

I mean, why talk about systematic oppression, when we could just throw some steaks on the barbie and have a beer? Australia’s “laidback” attitude is inconsistent at best and deliberately silencing at worst.

Rebka Bayou on buying your own mythos.

I admit I have been guilty of this in the past. I try and do better now (emphasis on “try”).

Also very interesting in the linked article: the impact of the visibility of African-American culture on the broader African diaspora.