Attention is not the same thing as being valued and ultimately I want to be valued.  Attention is easy to get (especially now with the internet), but it’s also fleeting, mercurial, and a cheap high that can leave you crazy with longing.  Being valued is a deeper long term project. I spent a long time mistaking attention for being valued.  I still forget they are not the same thing and can get stymied and caught up in desires for attention.  Attention depends solely on numbers of outside people and their momentary opinions.  The internet is based on an attention economy and so no wonder we crave attention.  But attention doesn’t pay–in money or in the long run of life.  Value on the other hand is about respect, a sense of trust, and a deep commitment between the artist, the art, and whoever else values art.  Attention does not require self-respect or commitment.  In order to be valued, you have to value yourself.

–Summer Pierre on value.