Long-but-interesting piece on the “Great Smartphone War“.

Though, let’s be honest: I love Apple. Like, a lot. I’m typing this now on my iPad, with my iPhone sitting on the desk next to me, under a white spaghetti pile of Apple-branded headphones. At home, I use a MacBook. My editor sighs when I complain about Pages mangling the import/export of Word documents. My day job boss rolls his eyes when I decry ugly typography and non-retina screens on our bland, corporate Windows boxes.

So yeah, I like Apple.

But holy hell if this Vanity Fair piece isn’t a bit, yanno. Racist. Because Apple is a US company and Samsung is Korean, and there’s definitely a strong whiff of Us versus Them in this piece. Apple are ruthless but they’re innovative and talented. Samsung, meanwhile, are presented as derivative also-rans, producing cheap, lazy rip-offs of American Excellence™.

It’s all a bit much. So a warning for the bias.

Other than that, though: interesting article.