This is kind of a big deal (and GG Apple). Basically, Apple has told devs they can’t leverage data collected from its new health API to sell ads; so no ads for diet pills if your phone knows you’re fat, no ads for new sneakers if it knows you run a lot, that sort of thing.

Apple’s edict is a win for privacy, if a small one; it’s an agreement, not a technical limitation (compare Touch ID implementation), so it’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, Apple does when a dev breaches the restriction (which they will, of course they will). But this does demonstrate what Apple thinks its business model is (selling devices to users), who it considers valuable (users who buy its devices), and what strategies it’s leveraging to differentiate itself in the market (protecting user privacy).

Related: I remember reading Mira Grant’s Feed and thinking one of the “unrealistic” elements in the story was the notion Apple would make zombie infection testing kits. Because Apple don’t make medical devices, amirite?

Yeah, not so right, Alis. Looks like Grant was a few years ahead of everyone on that count.