A friend of mine said to me, “The modern airport is the perfect metaphor for the class warfare to come.” And I asked, “How do you see it that way?” He said, “The rich in first and business class are seated first so that the poor may be paraded past them into economy to note their privilege.” I said, “I think the metaphor is better than you give it credit for, because those people in first and business are actually the fake rich. The real rich are in another terminal or in another airport altogether.”

Eric Weinstein on metaphors.

I have this theory that commercial air travel in the US is so freakin’ terrible because most of the actually affluent people there fly chartered. So even the “premium” offerings for US airlines are ratshit hellholes, which I know because I am, full disclosure, one of the “fake rich” and have travelled around the world in first and business.1

Also, did you know you don’t have to deal with the TSA if you fly chartered? Yeah. That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about American air travel.

Incidentally, this is a quote from an interview with Eric Weinstein, a.k.a. the managing director of Peter Thiel’s investment firm. Yeah, that Peter Thiel. It’s actually… a pretty fucking depressing interview, in that humans-of-late-capitalism, please-save-us-billionaire-overlords kind of way. Which, yanno. Is how Weinstein sleeps at night, I guess.

  1. Shout-out in particular to: The Wing, Cathay Pacific’s first-class offering in Hong Kong; the massage spas at the Sydney and Melbourne Qantas first lounges; and those amazing fish cakes I had for breakfast in the first class airport in Dubai. []