Firsthand testimony from individuals who have endured torture at US hands. Content warning for descriptions of waterboarding, stress positions, public humiliation, psychological brutality, and similar.

This is also as good a time as any to remind everyone all evidence, including that accepted by the US Senate Intelligence Committee, consistently shows the value of torture as an intelligence gathering tool is, at best, “exaggerated” and, at worst, counterproductive (as people invent any answer they can to make the torture stop).

The real kicker, of course, is that there is an interrogation strategy that seems to consistently work on even the most “high value” detainees. You know what it is?


No, really. Keeping targets of interrogation in comfortable surroundings, offering them food (i.e. hospitality), and adopting a friendly or neutral attitude during questioning are all far more likely to reveal good intelligence outcomes than cruelty. The fact that it’s not done more widely says more about our own dark and punitive urges than it does about the effectiveness of torture. Which, yanno. Is kinda depressing on a lot of levels, really.