I won’t lie, this article is deeply vexatious for me. On the one hand, yes: as per the above, Amazon’s search results aren’t as “organic” as most people believe, and finding this out can be a bit disillusioning.

On the other hand: Sweet Valley High is the fucking bomb and I won’t hear bad words said about it! (Exception: feminist deconstructions of heteronormative femininity and the like.) Seriously, those books got me through some shitty pre-teen years. Their depictions of popular, attractive girls were the closest thing dorky, geeky me got to a power fantasy, given the actual fantasy genre was too busy catering to the wrong gender (and female-centric genres like YA and PR didn’t really exist yet).

So fuck some dude coming and shitting all over something that’s resonated with thousands of girls for decades, just because it doesn’t fit his idea of the sorts of books he wants to be associated with. (Read: makes for a cheap marketing stunt.)

Bah! Tell me again how society doesn’t treat teenage girls like trash.