Funny-sad look at the way sexism in the tech industry–and, make no mistake, that’s what this is about–is ruining the dating scene for women who live in areas like Seattle.

Note that this isn’t about “stuck-up bitches” feeling “too good” to date “nerds” or whatever other reactionary misogynist fantasy you’re imagining (well, probably not you you, but… y’know what I mean). These are successful professional women who want a romantic partner, not a stunted man-child who sees them as a vending machine for sex:

One woman, Bridget Arlene, spent three years in Seattle for graduate school, and said that she actually moved out of the city, in part because of the type of available men—most of whom had computer science or engineering degrees and worked for Google, Microsoft, or Amazon. “The type of person who is attracted to these jobs and thus to the Seattle area seems to be a socially awkward, emotionally stunted, sheltered, strangely entitled, and/or a misogynistic individual,” she wrote in an email. Arlene said that she was once contacted by a Microsoft programmer on OKCupid who required that she read Neuromancer before “he would consider taking me out on a date. He was not joking.”

Neuromancer. Seriously. It’s 2014 for godssakes. At least pick some dating gateway written in the last decade. (Also, I can’t imagine William Gibson–the father of the “razor girl” archetype, a.k.a. the Strong Female Character back when she was still a useful trope–would be particularly enamoured by this use of his work.)