[T]he act of being with someone – or better yet, a group of people – and on one’s phone is just the modern iteration of a key pleasure of family life: to be among those whom one is sufficiently comfortable with to drift in and out of communication. Like doing homework at the kitchen table, it is the state of doing your own thing while others do theirs around you. The point is, whatever you are doing on your phone, it would be less pleasurable were you to be doing it alone in your room.

Emma Brockes on modern families.

I’m quite deeply introverted, and struggle to engage with other humans in social settings for longer than about twenty minutes at a time; I find it tiring and stressful. Back in Ye Oldene Days, before smartphones, I used to “take breaks” by sketching. Nowadays, it’s using my phone. (Which hasn’t done wonders for my artistic career but, hey. Did I mention I write books?)

The sort of people who don’t like this? Well. They’re the sort of people I don’t hang out with socially. Because, yanno. Ref. “tiring and stressful”, above.