While the neoliberal capitalist system has thus delivered little by way of solidity, security, equality of opportunity, or gains from productivity rising in multiples over decades, it has been excellent at pumping out propaganda declaring it to be not only the best way to do things, but simply a cultural expression of the inevitable natural order. The tech sector’s super rich increasingly subscribe to a futurist libertarianism, which sees technology and “genius” replacing government and representation altogether. Mass culture, which once centred on dramas exploring how human beings live together, is now dominated by “reality” shows featuring contrived competitions of all-against-all.

Many millions of people have not only lost a stake in the current society, they have been deprived of the recognition and sense of worth that a pre-neoliberal culture extended to ordinary lives. Today, feelings of being annihilated, blindsided and disregarded are simply the cultural weather of public life.

Guy Rundle on the death of neoliberalism.

To be fair, reality TV shows aren’t “all against all”; they’re the masses against each other, served up for the approval of the untouchable, unaccountable elite classes as represented by the show’s judges.

Which, yanno, when you put it like that, doesn’t exactly make the metaphor any less apt…