On the spread of the “Silicon Valley aesthetic“.

So I have a family friend I’ve known since childhood who recently opened a cafe in Brooklyn. It is technically supposed to be an “Australian cafe”1 but, perusing its website, it was striking just how identical it looked to pretty much every other trendy cafe I’ve ever been to. You know the look, don’t you? Off-white walls and reclaimed wood, decorated with too-big lightbulbs and the odd cascade of Devil’s ivy. I’ve been in cafes like that as close to home as literally beneath my apartment, and as far away as Hong Kong and Oslo.

Thing is? I… like that look. So while I kinda get where the article above is coming from re. its critiquing of the spread of “mass aesthetics”… I still like the look.

Maybe popular things are popular for a reason, and all that.

  1. Apparently they’re So Hot Right Now in New York. []