And modern fandom — okay, Tumblr — has this bad habit of describing works as more pure (“pure”) than they actually are. Like, people will claim that Mad Max: Fury Road treats all women as people, overlooking that the Milking Mothers — fatter and darker-skinned than the Wives — are shown hooked up to milking machines and treated as props. I’m still mad about that time people told me — and I believed them — that Pacific Rim was a smart, feminist movie. Tumblr’s current favourite movie is Addams Family Values, which a friend recently rewatched and found full of racism and jokes about violence against women.

Now, my only actual trigger is “bad things being portrayed as good or, at least, deserved”, so a lot of the discourse around hopepunk really puts me on edge. Take, for example, “hopepunk” coiner Alexandra Rowland’s list of people (men) who embody the concept: “Jesus and Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Robin Hood and John Lennon”. Out of five men, one is fictional, two were domestic abusers. I mean. Seriously?

Liz on purity.

This is like a million years old at this point, because basically that’s how my WordPress post queue works, but I still think this is a Timeless Point that needs to be restated.1 Also, because this is a Dreamwidth post: do go read the comments, as well.

  1. Also, Pacific Rim was a racist imperialist garbage film and y’all need to stop pretending it’s not. Like. Right now. I enjoyed parts of it, too, but… seriously. []