Part of my issue with identity politics over the past few years is that the pinnacle of success of minorities is beating the capitalist system, aka climbing up the ranks, and the idea that almost militantly identifying yourself as a minority and being vocal about it can now gain you capital and clout and money. We have a lot of talking heads now who are rich or are becoming rich, and that money is not uplifting the communities they came from. To me, the whole thing is a farce – a scam!

I don’t think this is a malicious thing on anyone’s part, I think it’s just a truth. Although there is a risk – a career risk, maybe even a life risk for some people – in speaking out [about oppression], there is, now, an economic benefit. I think that capitalism [has found that] adopting people who speak out against it is the best way to calm down and satiate the communities they came from, and keep them from revolting.

Moses Sumney on identity consumption.