A short guide on fandom.ink account requests.

So some of you may have noticed registration for fandom.ink is either via invite code (if you know someone already on the server) or request (if you don’t). The latter method requires a short written request, and boy howdy do people have some wild-ass ideas about what to put here. So here’s a short guide (now updated for 2022!):

  • f.ink is primarily a fandom-themed community, so do mention what fandoms you’re involved in.
  • Do mention any kind of fanish activities you do (fic, art, archiving, etc.).
  • Do give a general overview of what kinds of posts you might make (“I’m involved in MCU and cdrama fandom but mostly I just post about knitting”).
  • Do mention any other specific reasons you’d like to join the community (e.g. you know someone, are attracted by certain community rules, etc.).
  • Do mention where you can be found on other platforms (e.g. AO3, Tumblr, etc.), if you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Do mention if you want to use the account for RP or bot-purposes.
  • Do use a language other than English if that’s what you’re more comfortable in; I will do my best to Google Translate it.
  • Don’t apply if you’re just looking for somewhere to “try out” Mastodon/the Fediverse. Every user account on f.ink has a “cost” in server resources; I’d like to save those for our actual community members.
  • Don’t apply if you just want to squat on a username (inactive accounts get periodically deleted, anyway).
  • Don’t describe yourself as a “content creator” looking for a “platform.” Because I am extremely oldskool, f.ink is a community for people, some of whom happen to create things like art, fics, podcasts, and so on.
  • Related to the above, f.ink is primarily intended for personal fannish accounts. While some promotion of things you’ve created is fine, it’s not primarily intended as a one-way newsfeed for your podcast/Twitch channel/blog/publishing house/whatever.
  • Don’t bother telling me how much you hate and/or are fleeing from other platforms. I’m interested in why you want to be here, not why you don’t want to be over there.
  • Don’t primarily describe yourself as looking for a “safe space.” While f.ink is a moderated server, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for things that violate the code of conduct, both on-server and off, no public internet space is truly “safe” and all users are expected to curate their own experience.
  • Don’t write nothing at all.
  • A tricky (but bizarrely common) one: I appreciate your honesty in telling me all the times you’ve been banned from Twitter/Facebook/other Masto instances/whatever but, uh. I’m gonna need some more context, there. “I got banned from some.instance for calling the admin out for being a TERF” reads a lot different than “I keep getting banned from Twitter for sending YouTubers death threats.”
  • And, finally, don’t immediately email me demanding to know why your application wasn’t instantly approved. Because then it definitely, 100% will not be.
  • (But, that being said, do email or message me if you have any general questions.)

Infrequently asked questions

. . . I got rejected, now what?

If you still want to join, re-read the above, plus the code of conduct, and try again.

But my app was rejected. Doesn’t that mean you hate me forever?

No. It’s probably just that you didn’t write enough for me to read you as a person (as opposed to a spambot) who’d like to join f.ink in particular (as opposed to any Fediverse instance in general).

If, for some reason, I do personally hate you I can block you from reapplying in other ways. If that hasn’t happened1 then feel free to re-apply.

This process is terrifying! Can you give me, like, an example of a “good app”?

Hi Alis! My name is ______ and I’ve been involved in fandom since ______. My main fandoms are ______, ______, and ______, and I mostly [cosplay|make art|write fic|write meta|make reclists|run fanlistings|______]. I will probably mostly post about [my pets|my blorbos|knitting|programming|______]. I am on [the AO3|Tumblr|Dreamwidth|Pillowfort|______] as ______ and [the AO3|Tumblr|Dreamwidth|Pillowfort|______] under a secret pseudonym.

Feel free to edit as necessary.

If I donate to the Patreon you have to accept me, right?

No. The Patreon is purely voluntary and not linked to instance membership in any way. In fact, I’d encourage you not to donate until you’ve been on the server for a little while and have decided it’s definitely something you want to do.

This process seems scary and arbitrary and unfair!

Yes. When you pay $40 a month for your own server then you can make your own applications process however you’d like it.

I didn’t do any of the above and I still got accepted?

Yes. Sometimes that happens, too.

Okay I read all of that, took my new-found knowledge, and wrote the most baller app ever!

You rock. 🍪

  1. And, to be clear, I have never actually done this to anyone ever.

3 responses

  1. Hi Alis! My online name is “banter” and I’ve been involved in online fandoms since 2020. My main fandoms are DC comics, musical theatre, and fantasy series (HOTD/TROP), and I mostly write fanfics. I will probably mostly post about ramblings on DC comics content. I am on Twitter and AO3 under the username “banter_ko.” I want to join fandom.ink because I feel like this is the safest and most inclusive instance I saw that caters to fandoms. I also hope to meet other likeminded fans on this instance easier since this is my first time joining Mastodon. I promise to adhere with all the rules set by the moderators of this instance. Hoping for your kind consideration! Thank you!

  2. Clara says:

    Hi Alis! My online name is clagex and I’ve been involved in fandom since 2012? I think? My main fandoms are musicals, comics, cartoons and horror podcasts at the moment, and I used to write fics and make fanvids but life happened. I will probably mostly post about rambling about fandoms and maybe some personal rants, programming stuff in English and Chinese. I am on tumblr as @clagex as well but it’s kind of a mess there. Life is treating me better now so I’d like to try mastodon! Thanks :)))
    If you wanna see my old crappy fanvids they’re on bilibili.com under 秀老爷cx, but I’d rather not share my old fics sorry :((

  3. JB_Cooper says:

    Well hello Alis,
    I am requesting entrance to fandom.ink
    My name is Jamie/Jay/JB (James) Cooper. I’m fine with he/him, I’m fine with they/them, without my beard – I have been called she/her and answered without comment. I’ve been in various fandoms since before most fandoms were fandoms. My first fannish work was published in the ST:TOS Genzine (Eternal Triangle) in 1983 when I was a baby. And weirdly connected to that first piece¹, I’m currently creating in the Miami Vice fandom – stories and art. In the past I’ve bounced around all Network Star Treks, published a couple of SG1s, Pern, have some one-offs in Firefly, Buffy, Angel and am waiting to published stories in The Expanse and Harry Potter (once they all chill a little more). I write. I draw, paint, and, despite owning too many art supplies, have begun to play with digital tablets. Occasionally, I write Meta – on Tumblr about Vice and Music plus original art. I bitch on Facebook². I officially joined OTW this year and will be a voting member in AO3’s next election. Fandom history and preservation is important to me and I’m learning how to be a contributing editor on Fanlore. I’m on AO3 [jburnettcooper], SWA [JBC_Saigon_Moon], FFN [Jamie Burnett-Cooper], Dreamwidth [saigon_m00n_jbc], and a few other sites. I’m a cold script reader of non-trad works for the blind and visually impaired and some sites are used strictly for reading to clients.
    I’m on the STSP Instance. It occurred to me (when I posted about a Miami Vice story and how we were trying to socialize a wildish cat and kitten) I may not want to share certain details on an Instance dedicated the fine art of shit-posting.
    I have two MV Fandom friends on Fandom.Ink – @mitochondriart and @Imamirisq – with whom I am also in the MV Discord (mitochondirart’s server).
    Fandom.ink posting: my intention is to stick to my Fandom-life. I belong to AO3 & Fan Fiction subs on Reddit and enjoy the chats there, especially encouraging other writers and providing a historical voice now and then. Like there, I’m here to make friends and chat about fandom.
    Maybe a bit too long… but I’m listening to Pink Floyd as I write and… welll…
    ¹I made two lifelong friends because of Eternal Triangle and am continuing a MV story arc they started in memoriam.
    ²Star Trek Shit Posting – a FB group with its own listing on Fandom that can be sweet and huggy or intensely unforgiving of foolishness.