When I finally got the courage to confess to my husband I’d written a book and was looking for an agent, one of the first things he asked me was what I thought “success”, and “failure”, looked like. At the time, those questions were incredibly confronting (which is what happens when you’re married to an MBA, I suppose).

I’m still not sure I have a decent answer to either. One of the problems with being a neophyte author is how clueless I am about everything; no matter how many blog posts I read or how patiently my agent answers my questions (and she is very, very patient). Every time I think I have a plan, reality comes along and slaps a piece of it off the table.

I’m learning, though. Slowly. And I do have A Plan; one that changes almost daily based on new information, but one that’s been crucial to get me this far all the same. And by the milestones of the Plan, I’m on track and doing fine.

So that’s something, I guess.