Interesting look at the intersections at play in the pro StarCraft world, particularly as they relate to the player who’s arguably the most well-known top-ranked woman… and a trans* woman at that.

Watching competitive StarCraft is the equivalent of watching sportsball in our household–I like wrestling, my husband prefers MMA, but we both enjoy a good Code S match–but pretty much all the exposure we get to it comes from sources like Day[9] and the English-language GomTV GSL feed. This means we get to miss out on a lot of the nastiness in the community. And, being a Blizzard game, there is a lot of nastiness.

Scarlett’s a great player and, honestly? I think she’s an even better player than almost every man she plays against, given the fact that she goes into each match with all this shit riding on her performance. How the hell she manages to concentrate on the game with all that going on I’ll never know (and, more importantly, how she’d play if she didn’t have all that is something that, sadly, I don’t think anyone will ever know).

Also funfax: I think this article is the first time I’ve ever seen TotalBiscuit’s Really Real World Name.