What no one seems to be discussing is how white-dominated the conversation [about diversity in YA] is. […] While it may seem like plenty of Black, Latinx and Asian voices are participating in discussions over “problematic” books, that is absolutely not the case.

A handful of PoC voices are being amplified by a larger number of white people who think they’re putting their support in the right place. Our actual voices don’t yet carry the volume to communicate with nuance. Our thoughts are swallowed up in what that tiny fraction of successful marginalized writers have to say, producing biases based on what they believe is best for the future of diversity and inclusion. More frighteningly, they’re given stamps of approval by white writers and gatekeepers, who clearly have a lot to learn, themselves.

You can’t only latch on to a narrow field of PoC views you choose to endorse and ignore all the rest. If that’s your game, you’re not the diversity warrior you claim to be. You are dressed in a costume of wokeness, which, if removed, would reveal little more than an attention addict, driven by the likes and retweets that come of hopping on the diversity bus in an increasingly political online sphere.

Ryan Douglass on the diversity wars.