Interesting look at a growing political force.

Most people know the alt-right as being the darling political ideology of Reddit conservatives and 4chan racists, but it’s dangerous because it also has quite a bit of (generally quiet) support in the Silicon Valley tech set. Peter Thiel is the guy the article mentions by name. He’s the billionaire who co-founded PayPal with Elon Musk but, more importantly, is also the guy who single-handedly bankrupted Gawker.

Oh, you thought that was about Hulk Hogan’s sex tapes? Like hell it was; Hogan was an excuse, but Thiel, who has a long-standing beef with Gawker, funded it.

In other words, this is a guy who’s perfectly happy to use money and power to publicly shut down freedom of the press. Whatever your personal thoughts on Gawker or sex tapes are,1 that’s a chilling idea.

But to the alt-right? It should be a norm.

Oligarchy is as oligarchy does, I guess.

  1. Notably: the public interest in Hogan’s sex tapes wasn’t really about the sex. They were about the fact that Hogan is a vicious racist, and the public outing of that fact had him fired from and disowned by the WWE.