My name is Alis and I approve of this message.

Seriously, though, “make useless stuff” indeed. I currently own something like sixteen domains,1 most of which I registered for single purpose side projects back in the early ’00s. Most of them are no longer online, but I keep the domain names registered… out of nostalgia, I guess? Or the vague sense of paranoia that I’ve used them to sign up to something somewhere and if I let them expire (or worse, let someone re-register them) I’m going to miss out on some Super Important Email one day.

Anyway, point being, having like ten million domains wasn’t unusual, Back In The Day. Because you’d get one domain, but your webhost would allow unlimited addons, so every time you had some random idea for a subject-specific blog or TV show shrine or whatever you’d just… register a new domain and make a new site. Nowadays I guess people do similar things with Tumblr sideblogs or whatever but… I dunno. Call me old fashioned, but it’s just not the same, y’know? And shitty-but-fun frontend design really is a lost art…

  1. Which is three short of the total number of domains I’ve ever owned. My First Domain, from circa 2000, was co-owned, and I bequeathed it to solo ownership when I moved out. My First Solo Domain I let expire in, like, 2003 or whatever. One domain I let expire out of spite when our World of Warcraft guild went bad circa 2007. And everything else, I’ve kept. []