At least according to Ars Technica. Turns out I’ve seen only a paltry 19 (45%) of these, not counting films I’ve “seen” but not remembered (like Children of Men, which I’ve certainly been in the room for while it was on, but couldn’t tell you one single thing about), plus four of the “worst of” list.

I’m putting scare-quotes around the “must” in the title, though, because some of these recommendations are… questionable. I mean, The Martian, really? I get that this article is probably a stealth ad for the film or whatever, but there’s no way people are going to still be fapping themselves to that soggy piece of mediocre white bread in twenty years. None. Also, Pacific Rim is appropriative, yankwashed garbage and no-one will ever convince me otherwise.

But, those quibbles aside, I guess this makes an okay Netflix playlist for rainy days.