Has it really been 20 years? Christ.

I remember Myst, because of course I do; adventure games are my favourite genre and Myst was the adventure game to end all adventure games. I remember wandering around on the main island, thinking I was doing well when I managed to get into a few Ages all by myself, but still not really sure what the “point” of the game was.

For Christmas, my dad bought my the guidebook. That in and of itself was an amazing thing, written like a diary from the point of view of the player character. It also made me realise how little I’d managed to figure out in the game.

Riven was, I think, even harder than Myst was, even with a guidebook (it was also one of the first games I looked up a walkthrough for on the internet). From memory, Exile was the first game in the series I completed on my own, with no outside help.

A few years back, Cyan ported Myst to the iPhone. It fits very well with the touchscreen controls, though my inability to finish it without (still) reading the walkthrough hampers my play a little. I’m currently lost in the treehouse world, and have been for a few years now. Apparently Riven is also available for iOS. I should totally get that.

Finally, the series’ exploration-based MMO, Uru, is playable for free. I played the main campaign when it first came out, but none of the sequels or online components (I couldn’t afford the sub at the time). I started replaying it a while back but–in keeping with a common them–got distracted and stopped. I should really start again; despite being a decade old, Uru has held up pretty well, and is a welcome break from killing ten rats.