First flying zone in FFXIV: Unlocked!

Also unlocked: all DPS Jobs for the base Classes, plus all expansion Jobs minus Gunbreaker and Dancer. Only five more levels to go for those two.

Grinding thirty levels for all the other starter DPS classes has reaffirmed my initial decision that Summoner is the Obvious Best Job Choice.™ I’ve also enjoyed Monk and Ninja, but was surprised how much I… did not enjoy Black Mage, which just feels like it has overly fussy mechanics for not-particularly-great damage output. I think I might like Red Mage, but I’ll need to play it more to tell, and I’m waiting for Dancer mostly because it is A Look and I’m shallow.

Also: Drama, for which a cut:

So a while back I joined a free company1 just because I got randomly invited and was like why not. It was… okay. A few minor incidents, including Mr. Maybe-Possibly-A-Nazi who was a bit too enthusiastic about the blood eagle,2 and some members offering to freely distribute all the books from a former m/m publisher that went bankrupt for financial mismanagement a few years back, and which said members had been owners of.

So… okay. Not things I was a huge fan of, but I let them slide and eventually even joined the FC’s Discord channel…

… aa-aa-and then like literally a week later, one of the members makes it to a section of the game wherein there are some quite infamous fat characters, and we were “treated” to a good twenty minute rant about “fatties” “eating people” and general equating morality to fatness and blah blah blah and no one said anything so eventually I just snapped and rage-quit.

I left it for a few days, figuring… okay. It was just one incident, it’s not the end of the world… maybe I overreacted…

… only to see the same member calling people the r-word in the FC Discord and, again, no-one saying shit about it.

And it’s like… yeah, okay, I’m out. I just play video games to chillax in the evenings, y’know? I don’t need to spend that time hanging out people I find contemptible.

So yeah I left the FC, left the Discord, and then spent an entire weekend unlocking Jobs and not having to listen to dipshits and their dipshit opinions and it was great.

This is why I have trust issues in online games, though. Seriously.

  1. A guild, basically. []
  2. Basically a alleged human blood sacrifice that was performed to the god Odin. I say “alleged” because there’s no actual evidence that it ever really occurred; only two minor mentions in the sagas which, remember, are at best strongly embellished pseudo-history. It’s not attested in any contemporaneous written accounts by, for example, Muslim or Christian scholars. None of which, of course, has stopped it from gaining a mythic status, particularly amongst certain modern-day white supremacist groups. []