In other news my husband’s Tesla arrived last night and it is so weird.

It is literally like 90% storage compartments because it has no moving parts inside, and it is dead-ass silent except for occasionally making like Winter Soldier arm noises when it’s first started up. Its “key” looks like a credit card. Or is, y’know. An app on your phone.

Blue Tesla with an open bonnet, showing an empty storage space where an engine would normally be.

Being in a car that accelerates totally silently is legit unsettling; for the first few intersections we screamed every time we started moving again because it feels so unexpected. And no one wanted to stand either in front or behind the car because it’s too hard to tell whether it’s actually on or not.

Also the first thing it wanted to do was download a software update, which lol.

Instead of that, though, we took it to the Maccas drive-thru to get ice cream. Then home to plug it in to recharge in the garage.

So like. Welcome to the future, I guess?

Blue Tesla charging in a garage.

For some reason I didn’t expect it to come with chargers (and a charging dock!), but… it does.