So I find stories like this kinda wild because Davey’s job in the SPACE DEMONS book is basically buying alien films and TV shows, and “redubbing” them with human actors for distribution in human-controlled space.

And it’s like… the tech to do that didn’t really exist in 2017 when I wrote the manuscript for that book. And now it totally does.

So yeah this is totally my prediction that in the next few years we’ll start to see “actor redubbing” of blockbuster films (my guess: particularly between China and Hollywood). Probably starting with fantasy/SFF epics, which tend to be heavily CG anyway, and probably only in “minor” roles to start with. But IMO this will become normalized in a decade or so.

And hah I can say I wrote a dumb science fantasy book that called it and hah!1

Also, for the pics-or-it-didn’t-happen:

Excerpt from the SPACE DEMONS book where Davey and Lee talk about “actor redubbing” in a terrible, racist film.

  1. All you publishers that rejected it WHO’S THE FUTURIST NOW, HUH? []