So last weekend was GAMMA.CON, and for my sins I ended up manning the CSFG‘s booth through most of Saturday. We had a shared table with Conflux and it was, uh. An experience. Part of it was possibly the placement; we were up in the back corner near all the sword and prop manufacturers, when we’d probably have been more suited to being in the author’s alley segment. And part of it was straight-up lack of planning; our notification was very, uh. Short. So it was definitely a last-minute scramble to organize things to actually put on the table. We did okay—anthologies were sold, tentaplushies were squeezed—mostly thanks to the arrival of Kaaron Warren, who’s much better at this sort of thing than yours truly.

Just as importantly: the hour or so when I snuck out to spend cashmonies at the other booths!

Assortement of things purchased at GAMMA.CON.

Purchases included:

  • a Dragon Age 2 Hawke SCREW TEMPLARS tote bag
  • craptonne of cute stickers for my laptop (my favorite being the foil daemon cat from Skullwerks Studio)
  • the 4th edition of the notorious German horror RPG, KULT.

So that was fun.

All-in-all I do think the booth was worth it, though next year a bit more lead time to actually plan out things like displays, tchotchkies, and, like. Petty cash so we can actually give change. But yeah. Fun times in general.

Relatedly: Unnatural Order is almost two-thirds funded in its first couple of days, and some of the reward tiers are already starting to sell out. So if you were, like. Thinking of backing that (or submitting a story)… you should!