Is it really “making a mess” when the mess itself is soap?

So I have this thing where I both, a) like fancy soap, b) like strongly scented soap, and c) utterly loathe musk and floral notes, which almost all strongly-scented soaps, particularly non-commercial versions, use at least one of (usually the former). And, yeah, there are a few soaps at Lush that satisfy my needs but… I’m kid of sick of them.1 So it’s like, hey. I have The Internet. The Internet knows things. I bet The Internet can tell me how to make my own soap! Humans have been making soap for at least four thousand years. It can’t be that hard!

It turns out it’s not, really, but also that I’m not actually that interested in the creation of the soap base itself,2 just the adulterating of it. But, fortunately, that’s also a thing you can do! So I went out and bought a soap base and some cosmetic clay and essential oils and exfoliating scrubs and also black dye—because Dis forfend anything I ever make isn’t at least some variant on black—and slapped all that shit together.

This is what’s known as a “melt and pour” soap, apparently, and it’s both super easy and pretty fun. I also got molten soap all over my kitchen counter and all the utensils3 I was using which… was a weird feeling, since technically it’s “mess” but it’s also soap, so… it cleans itself up? I guess? Weird.

I did not get to use my soap last night, because it was still setting, but I did make myself some bath salts4 while I was at it, and they turned out pretty great apart from needing, a) more dye, and b) more (biodegradable) glitter, because no one wants to having a boring clear bath, y’know?

Anyway. A++ fun evening with easy clean-up. Would recommend.

  1. Both the soaps and the company. []
  2. One of our friends is a doctor of chemistry, though. I bet I could get him into it… hmm. []
  3. They kept falling into the mold! []
  4. No, the actual kind. []